24 August 2011

Take Action

Get involved in Every Woman Every Child today

motherandchild5Everyone has a vital role to play in improving women’s and children’s health. National governments can best lead improvements in the lives of women and children, but partners – within and outside of their borders – are needed to support the delivery of country-led health plans and help sustain funding, enable strong policy environments and improve the delivery of critical health services on the ground.

Since its launch in 2010, Every Woman Every Child has already yielded results. New partners have engaged and commitments have been announced. Yet, we know that we must step up and expand our efforts. The more people involved, the greater the impact, and faster the results and more lives saved.

Ways you can take action:


  • Support one of our partners in their efforts to improve women’s and children’s health


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  • Take part in the conversation by following us on twitter at @UnfEWEC 


For general inquiries, please contact everywomaneverychild@unfoundation.org