21 September 2015

New Report: Engendering Accountability: Upholding Commitments to Maternal and Newborn Health

                                           Global Health Visionss

The report provides an overview and specific examples of frameworks, tools, systems, and partners currently working in the area of accountability, including an analysis of those efforts that are particularly successful or promising. It synthesizes key themes, including gaps and opportunities, and offers recommendations for future action and program design based on selected experiences from the field.
In addition to the full report, there are also several companion pieces available for download at http://www.globalhealthvisions.com/engendering-accountability/:

 ●  An executive summary of the report  
 ●  In-depth country case studies for India, Nigeria, and Uganda – both in high and low resolution formats
 ●  A key messages brief
 ●  Guiding principles for implementing successful civil society-led accountability campaigns
 ●  A social media tear sheet

Please share the report with your networks and join the conversation on social media, using this social media tear sheet and the hashtag #Accountability4Health. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at info@ghvisions.com