30 June 2014

independent Expert Review Group (iERG)

On the issue of global reporting, the Commission proposed a time-limited independent Expert Review Group (iERG) be established and operate until 2015: 

Global oversight: Starting in 2012 and ending in 2015, an independent Expert Review Group is reporting regularly to the United Nations Secretary-General on the results and resources related to the Global Strategy and on progress in implementing this Commission’s recommendations. 

The Commission requested WHO to lead a transparent process to establish the iERG. A Selection Committee was convened to assess the potential candidates and propose a short list. The iERG is comprised of 7 members. Appointed individuals are expected to exercise autonomous, professional judgment and serve in an independent capacity. 

Please see the Terms of Reference  of the iERG for more information:

The World Health Organization has launched a new web site on results, resources and oversight related to women’s and children’s health, in support of Every Woman Every Child. The site will track progress on the implementation of the recommendations of the Accountability Commission and inform the international community about the work of the independent Expert Review Group (iERG).