12 August 2020

Every Woman Every Child Celebrates International Youth Day

On this year’s International Youth Day, we celebrate young peoples’ action and involvement in making a difference in their communities.

In the time of COVID-19, young people’s goals, education, and employment opportunities have been greatly disrupted. Despite this, adolescents around the world have shown their resilience during times of crisis and have acted as frontline responders, shared important public health information and have taken the initiative to respond to the virus in innovative ways. They have expressed their frustration and held leaders to account around issues that are central to the Susutainable Development Goals: inequality, climate change, violence against women, and more. 

Every Woman Every Child, a global health movement launched to drive action for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health, empowers young people by advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals that will support their full potential and help each survive, thrive, and transform.

As the world recovers better from the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, we must continue to support the goals and aspirations of youth, and ensure that they are not left behind. Today, we celebrate the strength and resourcefulness of this generation and promise to continue our efforts to reach their fullest potential.