Consultation Process

Updating the Global Strategy: Incorporating your feedback

Consultation Feedback Report on the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016-2030)

At each stage of the process to update the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, there is an opportunity to provide feedback and comments.To enable input from as wide a range of stakeholders as possible, PMNCH has developed an inclusive global consultation process using a range of online and offline instruments, including a dedicated web-hub via The updated Global Strategy has already benefitted from the tremendous participation of individuals and organisations across a wide global community.

Providing preliminary views on the priorities of the updated Global Strategy in the Consultation on the Global Financing Facility (November – December 2014)

In late 2014, preliminary views about the priority areas to be included in the updated Global Strategy were collected through the consultation process on the Global Financing Facility. These preliminary views, reflecting over 1,400 individuals and organisations, were synthesised into a short report.

Identifying priorities and key strategies for the Global Strategy – Online survey and EWEC stakeholder events (February – March 2015)

Between February and March 2015, a global consultation process was held to collect comments on what the updated Global Strategy should include and how it should build on the strengths and limitations of its first iteration (2010-15). The views of over 4,550 organisations and individuals were collected through an online survey and a range of global, regional and national consultation events.

The feedback gathered across all of these channels was recorded and collated by the consultation team. Responses were deconstructed and coded by topic using qualitative research methodologies. The data processing approach was cross-checked within the consultation team to ensure that, to the extent possible and within the resource and time constraints of this consultative process, all views were captured and reflected in a balanced way. Views from country partners (governments, national authorities, NGOs) were particularly emphasised.

Given the range and sheer number of views from those participating in the consultation process, it has not been possible to incorporate each individual comment. However, it is hoped that, most views have been reflected in the consultation report in a balanced way.

The synthesis report from this round of consultations is currently being used by the Every Woman Every Child Writing Team to inform the development of the first draft of the Global Strategy.

Feedback on the Global Strategy Workstream Papers (March – April 2015)

The 5 workstreams, created to produce an evidence base for the development of the updated Global Strategy, are each led by a range of different agencies (A series of 15 draft Working  Papers has been developed, which includes papers  3 strategy papers, 6 technical papers, and 6 papers covering a range of cross-cutting themes. There was an opportunity for public commentary on these papers, which are posted on the Every Woman Every Child website, from 24 March to 15 April.

Comments on these papers were shared with each workstream group and will be incorporated in the next drafts of the papers. The final papers will be published as a series of the British Medical Journal in September 2015. The content of the Working Papers is feeding into updating the Global Strategy, along with the April 2015 synthesis report.

Feedback on the Zero Draft of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (May – June 2015)

The Zero Draft of the Global Strategy was released on 5 May for another public commentary period that was open until 5 June, to collect and collate feedback on the draft. Further comments were collected through a global consultation process, including a survey and range of events, including a Stakeholder Consultation event held in Johannesburg (6-7 May) and a high-level event at the World Health Assembly in Geneva (18 May).

A second Synthesis Report on feedback from the nearly 2,500 individuals and organizations that contributed to this consultation round on the draft Strategy was published on 12 June. Summaries of the report are available in EnglishSpanish and French, and the annex contains specific comments made on each section.

The Global Strategy Writing Team is now considering all the feedback in developing the final version of the Strategy. The Writing Team will produce a summary report on how the main themes emerging from the consultation feedback influenced the final version of the Global Strategy so that respondents have a better sense of how their contributions and views were taken on board.

Next steps

The updated Global Strategy will be finalised and launched at the UN General Assembly in September, along with a draft five-year plan (an “Operational Framework”) for supporting country-level implementation, and will be proposed for formal endorsement at the World Health Assembly in May 2016.

This page and the web-hub will be regularly updated as the consultations for updating the Global Strategy continue to progress.