21 November 2016



As a social enterprise working in the area of Maternal & Child Health using innovative mobile technologies, ZMQ makes a $10.5million commitment to Every Woman Every Child to improve critical maternal & child health indicators in Low Income Countries over the next 5 years. The distinguishing innovation of MIRA Channel is its holistic one-stop channel, with multiple sub-channels addressing areas such as Pre-natal care, Child immunization, Newborn care, Family planning and Adolescent health issues.

ZMQ aims to expand its successful MIRA Channel program to scale in 10 countries in Africa and Asia directly reaching over 7 million beneficiaries: women, children and adolescent girls. Further, we pledge to strengthen the training of 250,000 health professionals by upgrading their knowledge and skills in multiple areas of Reproductive Health, Maternal, Child, Newborn and Adolescent Girl Health.

We also pledge to reach an additional 10 million adolescent girls and boys using behavior change tools – social mobile games and decision-tree stories. Specific targets include:

  1. Scaling MIRA Channel to the state of Rajasthan in India reaching by June 2016;
  2. Scaling the MIRA Channel to interiors of Uganda and Afghanistan by end of 2016;
  3. Scaling MIRA Channel to Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya by end of 2017;
  4. Scaling to Francophone nations – Mali, Senegal and Cameroon by end of 2018;
  5. Scaling to directly reach 7,000,000 beneficiaries over the next 5 years.
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MIRA is an integrated Women Mobile Lifeline Channel to provide health communication, tracking and services to rural women through mobile technology. With multiple channels on Pre-natal Care, Child Immunization, Newborn Care, Family Planning and Adolescent girls, the project aims to improve critical maternal & child health indicators using RMNCH+A approach. The channel also connects women to Public Health Services delivery system in their countries. The channel is established in India and is now being scaled to Afghanistan and Uganda.

For more information, please visit: www.MiraChannel.org
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