20 February 2019



Commitment Progress

Key achievements of YouAct:
1. Youth advocates from YouAct, CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality and ASTRA Youth met with MEPs and policy-makers in January 2017 to demand a stronger European parliamentary response to increasingly regressive legislation in Poland and throughout Europe as as response to developments in Poland have served to highlight the precarious state of women’s health and rights in Europe with rising political support for increased restrictions to women’s reproductive health such as access to contraceptives and abortion services.
2. YouAct participated in the Webinar on Youth Led Advocacy for Abortion Rights in Poland
3. Participation in “Step it up for Gender Equality – Youth for Gender Equality Forum”, an interactive and inspiring initiative to promote dialogue, exchange, learning and networking for people engaged in promoting gender equality in their daily lives. The event was organised by the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, in collaboration with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, PES Women, Young European Socialists, Rainbow Rose and the Global Progressive Forum and took place in Brussels.
4. YouAct particiated in SheDecides Campaign
5. Training course “Human Rights Mechanisms and Youth-led Advocacy” took place in Geneva
6. YouAct has been engaged with the UN ECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development and the Joint Youth Statement, and will continue to be part of the work
7. YouAct has further been represented in conferences in Berlin, Kosovo, Bulgaria throughout 2017


YouAct envisions a world where sexuality is accepted as a positive aspect in life and where the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of young people, including adolescents are realised.

YouAct members in 15 countries will dedicate 2 hours per week of their voluntary time to develop, engage and contribute to:

  • at least 5 advocacy campaigns and actions that will be demanding to governments that young people, including adolescents have access to comprehensive sexuality education, they can access youth friendly services and can decide freely and responsibly about all aspects of their sexuality and reproductive lives, by 2020.
  • education and training materials and will conduct at least 2 workshops that build the knowledge and skills of adolescents, empower them to become agents of change and meaningfully participate in the decisions that affect their lives and support them to connect and join forces to make their voices heard, by 2020.

Commitment Progress

In 2016, YouAct members dedicated more than 2 hours per week of their voluntary time to develop, engage and contribute to advocacy campaigns on topics related to the right to health of adolescents and contribute to education and training materials and workshops that build the knowledge and skills of young people on topics related to girls and women’s health and rights, advocacy for abortion rights, advocacy for youth rights and sexual and reproductive health. Together with partners, YouAct contributed to developing Joint Statements and had meetings with Members of the European Parliament, political advisers and CSOs in Brussels.

Further activities include the following:

1) Developed “Abortion Storytelling in Eastern Europe from a Youth Perspective”, a toolkit developed by and for young people that provides a framework for using storytelling techniques to challenge and fight abortion stigma;

2) Developed a fact sheet aiming to raise awareness about women’s and girl’s rights to safe and legal abortion in Europe;

3) Held a webinar to widened young people’s knowledge on abortion rights and the situation in Poland;

4) Organized a Study Session for Europe and Central Asian youth activists, to build their advocacy skills and to develop a joint Youth Strategy for sexual and reproductive health and rights for the upcoming years.

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