12 August 2019



Commitment Progress

Since making a commitment in 2017, Twinings expanded its workplace women’s health and empowerment program in Kenya from reaching 6,000 women workers and farmers to reach 35,000 women workers and farmers in it supply chain across eight sites to date.

The program has already shown returns. Health knowledge on key topics such as family planning, HIV, Hepatitis B, and pregnancy health have improved significantly. Women able to name a family planning method increased from 30 to 100 percent; women’s knowledge of mother to child transmission of HIV increased from 10 percent to 60 percent; and women able to name three or more pregnancy risk factors increased from 11 percent to 86 percent. Twinings has also seen improved health behavior with an increase in the use of health facilities following trainings; improved worker relations with management, with workers feeling more comfortable discussing issues with their managers; and reductions in absenteeism, leading to improved productivity in the workplace.
Twinings continues its efforts to reach 40,000 women by 2020, and is also committed to advocating for workplace women’s health and empowerment through the tea sector in Kenya.

The Adara Group has made consistent and significant progress towards our commitment to provide tertiary and primary care in Central Uganda. Our goal is to reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality in Uganda. The Adara Group committed $4.5M to support maternal, newborn and child health in Uganda during its commitment.


We have made progress in the following areas:


We continue to support tertiary care at Kiwoko Hospital, considered a centre of excellence for high-risk newborns in Uganda. The Kiwoko Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) provides exceptional care to newborns from across the country and is dedicated to sharing its knowledge. Together we are working with the Ministry of Health to develop training processes and tools to improve the care of sick and premature newborns throughout the country.


Adara is working with Nakaseke Hospital, a public facility, to help develop a Special Care Baby Unit providing tertiary care to newborns. The unit was developed in 2018 and has provided care to over 500 babies. Adara continues to provide ongoing mentorship and is evaluating the impact of the project and feasibility of implementing in other Ugandan health care facilities.



2017 – London Family Planning Summit

In support of FP2020 and Every Woman Every Child, we are committed to supporting programmes that raise women’s health awareness and improves access to health services, particularly concerning reproductive health and family planning, among smallholders and tea workers in Kenya. Our goal is to reach 40,000 women in our supply chain—about 60% of our supply chain in Kenya—in order to create healthier, empowered, and more sustainable tea communities. We will expand our work on HERhealth by working with producers, other companies, civil society and industry bodies, to achieve this goal and bring change for women in the tea industry in Kenya. This financial commitment of   USD 250,000 will be implemented between September 2017 and December 2020.