14 July 2017

Teck Resources Limited


Teck commits to the UN Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child movement by working to implement long-term, sustainable solutions to zinc deficiency and reduce deaths of children under five. As one of the world’s largest producers of zinc, Teck is helping solve the global health challenge of zinc deficiency by partnering with international organizations to scale up therapeutic zinc, zinc supplementation, food fortification, crop nutrition, awareness and advocacy.

New commitments include extending the Zinc Alliance for Child Health (ZACH), a $25 million partnership to increase access to zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS) as a life-saving treatment for childhood diarrhea, until 2020 with an additional $5 million commitment from ZACH partners. Teck has also extended until 2017 its crop nutrition program with the Ministry of Agriculture in China and the International Zinc Association to demonstrate the benefits of zinc fertilizer to improve nutritional quality of crops. Finally, Teck, UNICEF and the Government of Canada have partnered to develop The 25th Team, a network of Canadian women who will leave a $6+ million legacy for maternal and child health and help improve the lives of 3.8 million women and children by 2019.

Commitment Progress

Teck is a founding member of ZACH, a $29-million partnership which includes UNICEF, the Government of Canada and Nutrition International, with the goal of scaling up access to zinc for the treatment of childhood diarrhea in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal and India. Teck has committed more than $11 million to scale up zinc and ORS as a diarrhea treatment in countries with high under-five death rates. The partnership between Teck, Nutrition International and the Government of Canada resulted in the treatment of more than 44 million episodes of childhood diarrhea with life-saving zinc and ORS and the training of more than 60,000 health care workers. Crop Nutrition Project Zinc deficiency affects half of the world’s agricultural soils and has a significant impact on crop productivity and crop nutritional value. Adding zinc to fertilizer has been demonstrated to increase crop output, food security and the nutritional quality of the crops.

As a result of a 40,000-tonne increase in zinc usage in fertilizer in 2015 and 2016, nearly 4.8 million additional children in China had access to more zinc-nutritious crops in their diet. 25th Team The 25th Team is a $12 million initiative to fund programs in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Namibia and Peru, countries that face a unique gap in maternal, newborn and child health. UNICEF Canada, Teck and the Government of Canada have partnered to mobilize The 25th Team, a network of 60 Canadian women who each contributed $100,000 to scale up maternal and child health care interventions with a focus on improving nutrition and birth registration. The initiative will improve the lives of 3.8 million women and children.


Teck Resources Limited (“Teck”) and BASF commit to the UN Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child movement to jointly develop innovative and affordable zinc fortification and supplementation solutions through a three year partnership, with the goal of reducing zinc deficiency among 100 million people in developing countries by 2015. Leveraging the strengths and competencies of each company, including BASF’s cost-effective micronutrient solutions, analytical and formulation expertise, application and quality control know-how and distribution partnerships, and Teck’s high quality, affordable zinc products and commitment to raising awareness about, and finding solutions to zinc deficiency, the partnership aims to make safe and cost-effective high-quality zinc solutions available to populations at risk of zinc deficiency in developing countries. Zinc from Teck’s Trail Operations will be turned into high grade zinc oxide by GH Chemicals in Montreal, which BASF will use to make food fortification supplements.

In addition, Teck also commits $5 million toward the priority countries through the Zinc Alliance for Child Health.
Zinc Alliance for Child Health
·         More than 8 million children under five with diarrhea symptoms treated with zinc and ORS through ZACH programs
·         More than 29,000 healthcare providers received training/orientation on benefits of zinc and ORS on childhood diarrhea
·         Subsidized price of zinc and ORS co- pack distributed in Burkina Faso (reduced from 600 CFA to 100 CFA) to enable accessibility to families
·         92% of districts in Kenya had no stock out of zinc and ORS in 2013 thanks to a commodity mapping system established to assess stock status at all public health facilities

·         70 million people at risk of zinc deficiency have had access to zinc-fortified staple foods through the Teck-BASF partnership, including ‘e’Pap’, a pre-cooked fortified porridge distributed in several African countries
·         Affordable Nutritious Foods for Women (ANF4W) project in Kenya and Tanzania is improving the availability of fortified staple foods for women of reproductive age and increasing nutrition awareness through social marketing.
·      Zinc & Health champions appointed at 13 operational sites of the company; program has resulted in improved employee engagement within the company