21 November 2016

South Africa


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2012—London Family Planning Summit

South Africa is prioritizing the need to strengthen family planning services while emphasizing dual protection. The government has recently revised its contraception and fertility policy which will be launched publically with a campaign around family planning during August 2012. This policy addresses the full range of issues relating to contraception within a human rights context and also requires that the full range of family planning methods is available at public health facilities. In order to strengthen implementation, South Africa is developing standard operating procedures for community health workers who are part of outreach teams, for nurses in clinics, as well as for midwives in maternity units. It wants community health workers to be able to promote family planning during their visits to homes, and health professionals to use every encounter with a user of its services to also promote family planning. South Africa recognizes the need to target teenagers in particular given its relatively high rates of teenage pregnancies.

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