21 November 2016

Smile Train

Smile Train commits to providing 150,000 life-changing surgeries for children in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan over the next 3 years. In order to carry out these essential interventions, Smile Train will continue to invest in its ongoing work to build and grow essential capacity in the local health workforce at the facility and community level. Smile Train will also continue its work to link communities and facilities to ensure free surgical care and related treatment is available to all poor and vulnerable children with clefts.

Children with clefts are among the most vulnerable in the world. Millions of children with clefts face significant challenges to their health and survival, including an increased risk of infection, illness, malnutrition and mortality. These children are more likely to be abandoned or hidden away and denied the opportunity to attend school or participate in their communities. Smile Train endeavors to provide these children with life-changing surgery as well as comprehensive ancillary care to ensure they not only survive, but thrive. This includes a range of services such as nutrition therapy, speech therapy, family counseling, and clinical referrals for treatment of other health conditions.

Smile Train has identified seven specific outcomes as part of our commitment to the Global Strategy:

  1. Increased awareness about the availability of cleft care services among the target population, in both urban and rural areas, through awareness campaigns, partnership with other NGOs and government bodies and linking community members to facilities with safe surgical capacity to ensure timely and efficient care.
  2. Decreased stigma related to cleft among target populations, helping to ensure children affected by clefts can receive care and become active, engaged citizens in their communities.
  3. Increased volume and capacity of Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses to treat patients with cleft lip and palate at more than 200 local Smile Train partner hospitals across the region.
  4. Improved safety and quality of cleft treatment by developing and disseminating education and training resources to medical and para-medical professionals.
  5. 11,000 essential life-changing surgeries in Bangladesh.
  6. 120,000 essential life-changing surgeries in India.
  7. 19,000 essential life-changing surgeries in Pakistan.


Smile Train’s sustainable model provides training and funding to empower local doctors in 85+ developing countries to provide 100%-free cleft repair surgery in their own communities. Click here to learn more about Smile Train