21 November 2016

RTI International

RTI is an independent non-profit research institute. Staff of more than 2,800 provide research and technical expertise to the public and private sectors in more than 40 countries. A major focus of RTI’s international work is in health research; health technology development; health systems and policy; and monitoring and evaluation. RTI’s commitment is through the creation and implementation of the MANDATE initiative.

MANDATE is an initiative, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to inform the development of effective technologies to improve maternal and neonatal healthcare in low resource settings. More than 98% of global maternal and neonatal deaths occur in low resource settings. Delivering innovative and appropriate technologies across the continuum of care–including technologies for frontline workers to use in homes, communities and first level clinics–may improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce mortality. The MANDATE Model will allow users to analyze each condition, and associated prevention, diagnostic, and treatment interventions, to ascertain the impact on lives saved for mothers and newborns. MANDATE’s mission is to inform resource allocation decisions by foundations and the larger global health community by providing an interactive model to assess the conditions and technology improvements with the greatest potential for reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in low-resource settings, with an emphasis on home and community settings.