20 February 2019

Reliance Foundation


Commitment Progress

Reliance Foundation is committed to health system strengthening by enhancing quality of services in public health facilities for improved Maternal and New born outcomes. As a part of this initiative, Reliance Foundation is committing up to USD 3 million.

The overall objective of the initiative is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality through the adoption of technology to improve capacity of healthcare providers to deliver quality services during intra-partum and early postpartum.

As a part of this initiative, innovative solutions are being developed – technological, product and process innovations that enable translation of provider training to improved provider performance.
So far, Reliance Foundation has liaised with state governments and started the implementation across various primary healthcare centres and district hospitals. The first phase of clinical and behavioural skill training has been completed in identified facilities.  Regular supervision visits are being conducted for hand-holding support further to training.

These efforts would help in improving adherence of effective clinical practices during intra-partum and immediate post-partum care in identified high priority districts, through technology driven competency building and standardisation interventions. This will build on the existing Government of India’s initiatives for improving the intra-partum and immediate postpartum care.


Meeting MDG 4 and 5 most essentially requires the availability of high quality, lifesaving care when women and their new-borns need it most – the critical 48 hours around the time of birth. Building on its existing demand generation, behavioral change communication activities targeting expectant mothers in high burden states Reliance Foundation commits to scaling up capacity building at the facility level.

If quality care is to be provided, providers and facilities must be well-prepared and proactive in recognizing early warning signs so they can respond both quickly and appropriately to threatening conditions. An emergency obstetric and neonatal drills package has the potential to help close the coverage gap by ensuring that providers and health systems are ready and able to provide the much needed and timely care and address the delay at point of care. In addition, Reliance Foundation’s commitment will help to address supply side bottlenecks by ensuring the availability of essential drugs, supplies and equipment at health facilities. The bottlenecks for each state will be discussed with the respective state governments and be individually addressed.

Reliance Foundation will partner with the MDG Health Alliance and other partners and is committing up to USD 3 million for execution of its commitment. This commitment is part of a larger initiative worth $6.5 million, supported by other partners including Merck for Mothers, USAID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The new initiatives are expected to be ready for roll out by beginning of November 2014, and will run over a period of three years.