08 February 2019



As part of their commitment to FP2020 in support of Every Woman Every Child, Promundo pledges to develop a “Getting to Equal” initiative by 2020, to advance the conversation on the engagement of men and boys in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and gender equality globally, contributing to the promotion of rights-based family planning to achieve FP2020 goals, Universal Health Coverage, and the Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative will include:

1) A Call to Action brief providing guiding principles and key areas for strengthening global and national action on men, gender equality, and SRHR, with inputs from experts around the globe
2) A landmark report on men, gender equality, and SRHR showcasing trends, patterns, and gaps related to the ways in which norms and social pressures around masculine sexuality, fertility, and family size are associated with SRHR behaviors, couples communication, and decision-making;
3) A report with FP2020 and Hardee Associates analyzing Costed Implementation Plans and other national planning documents to assess to what extent male engagement is included, and
4) Evidence gathered from one-on-one interviews with approximately 20 FP2020 country focal points to understand challenges and successes of implementing male engagement and a rights-based family planning focus during the 2012-2020 period, and opportunities for greater male engagement and rights-based FP implementation post-2020.