12 August 2019

Pathfinder International


Commitment Progress

In the calendar year 2018, Pathfinder International trained close to 10,000 health providers in various sexual and reproductive health topics across its project countries. Over 1.1 million women received post-partum or post-abortion contraception counseling and services across the 11 countries in Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa where we have ongoing focused activities. An estimated 264,000 women accepted a family planning method of their choice during the post-partum period and as part of post-abortion care. Over 6 million young people under the age of 25 made contact with youth-friendly services which included post-abortion care and post-partum contraceptive counseling. A total of $68.7m was committed to supporting Pathfinder’s work in Family Planning in 2018 globally. Pathfinder became co-chair of the FP-Immunization Integration working group in 2016 which has a key focus on building partnerships among various stakeholders (implementers, academics, donors including corporations) to share best practices in models for integrated service delivery to reduce missed opportunities for PPFP. From this learning, Pathfinder was on the technical working group that helped the Ministry of Health in Mozambique to develop and roll out national guidelines for integrating FP into other services. We are learning that the sustained focus on opportunities for expanding Long-Acting and Reversible Contraception (LARC) service uptake (with an emphasis on post-partum IUDs), as well as an institutional interest and support for structured program learning and improvement, allowed us to steadily evolve and adapt to myriad contextual challenges. Regular performance review meetings, strategic ‘deep dive’ sessions, and experience sharing exercises were already a routine part of Pathfinder International’s approach to project implementation, but the introduction of Pathfinder’s Implementation Science and Learning process offered a more structured approach that facilitated continuous operational learning and adaptations to unlock missed opportunities for optimizing program results. Pathfinder also participates actively on the PPFP measurement working group globally and has contributed to a guidance document on priority indicators for PPFP. Pathfinder is also on the PPFP/Post-Abortion FP steering committee group convened by FP2020 to share lessons from country programming and promising community-based service delivery models. Pathfinder’s goals for its commitment over the last three years were surpassed, and it will continue to work in support of expanding FP access to make sure we “leave no one behind.”
Since making a commitment in 2017, Twinings expanded its workplace women’s health and empowerment program in Kenya from reaching 6,000 women workers and farmers to reach 35,000 women workers and farmers in it supply chain across eight sites to date.



Commitment Progress

Pathfinder International has continued to deliver technical assistance to governments to promote service delivery for SRHR services in 18 countries around the world. We celebrated our 60th year since inception in 2017, and have continued to forge new paths towards universal access to SRHR. Pathfinder’s programs in FY17 were estimated to have prevented over 495,000 unsafe abortion, and prevented over 4,200 maternal deaths. We recorded 4.3 million visits to facilities for contraceptive services, and calculated that 1.9 million unintended pregnancies were averted. More than 605,600 deliveries were supported by facility staff. 11.6 million visits were made by young people to receive youth-friendly services at health facilities supported by Pathfinder’s programs.


In the next three years as of July 2015, Pathfinder International commits to the Global Strategy (2016-2030) by expanding efforts to increase women’s access to postpartum and post-abortion contraception in all countries where it is implementing family planning projects. By the end of three years, Pathfinder will commit an estimated USD $38,300,000 to reach the target commitment, serving 2.4 million women through Pathfinder-supported postpartum and post-abortion services, and anticipate that 500,000 of them will have started using contraception. Pathfinder International has nearly 60 years of experience strengthening service delivery systems for contraceptive services and is committed to building the capacity of local government institutions and NGO partners.

Pathfinder International is also a commitment maker to FP2020 in support of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016-2030). More information on their FP2020 commitment can be found here.

Commitment Progress

Pathfinder International’s programs ensured universal inclusion and targeting of underserved populations, including youth and adolescents, in the areas of post-partum and post-abortion family planning counseling and services. We targeted geographic areas across 9 countries (Burundi, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda) that had high unmet need for family planning and high maternal mortality. We increased this work also in Francophone West Africa including Burkina Faso and Niger in this reporting period (2015-2016).

2012—London Family Planning Summit

Pathfinder International commits to increasing financial support for family planning programs in Pathfinder’s existing program countries and at least two new countries. Pathfinder will raise an additional US $3 million by 2014 to augment its already robust family planning related programs.  One third of this commitment will be used to reach young people in the underserved regions such as West Africa.  Pathfinder will also advocate for the removal of policy and regulatory barriers which limit access to family planning.  It will initiate new work with communities to prevent early marriage in two countries in Francophone West Africa and work with partners to deliver family planning as a package of comprehensive reproductive health care, livelihood and environmental conservation activities in remote areas of Western Tanzania.


Pathfinder International commits to work with The Nature Conservancy and Frankfurt Zoological Society to raise at least US $250,000 to launch an integrated family planning and maternal and child health program in the extremely remote villages surrounding Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania. The project will launch in 2012 and we anticipate continuing for at least five years with additional funds raised. This project is focused entirely on the hardest-to-reach women and children without access to the government health system. The main focus is family planning, along with prenatal care, delivery and postnatal care, newborn care, immunizations and adolescent reproductive health. This will be done through training of health personnel and of additional community health workers to conduct home visits, and substantial improvements to existing health facilities, to the benefit all women of reproductive age, children, and adolescents seeking maternal, newborn and child health and contraceptive services.

Pathfinder International promises to develop and test innovative approaches; integrate essential services for the most vulnerable; educate, engage and mobilize communities to seek their own solutions; track progress through monitoring and evaluation; strengthen local capabilities to scale up interventions; and advocate for increased attention and government investments to women’s and children’s health, especially family planning. We will coordinate with government and community organizations and introduce available technologies, such as mobile phones, where appropriate.