06 February 2020

Medicines for Malaria Venture


Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is committed to developing new, affordable and effective antimalarial medicines for people at risk from malaria, especially children and pregnant women, and facilitating their equitable access to these vulnerable populations.

As part of this commitment, MMV supports the enhanced uptake by children of new paediatric treatments for uncomplicated malaria, medicines for pre-referral management of severe malaria, and chemoprevention regimens for under-5 year old children.

In the longer-term, MMV is spearheading the development and registration of new generations of antimalarials, including simplified therapies (e.g. a single-dose cure for relapsing malaria) and improved formulations effective against resistant malaria parasites. Working with a  global network of more than 150 active partners on this mission, MMV’s co-developed medicines have contributed to saving more than 2.2 million lives  since 2009.

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