21 July 2017


2017 – London Family Planning Summit

Mauritania has revitalized its commitment to FP2020 in support of Every Woman Every Child. By 2020, in an effort to sustain the gains and accelerate efforts towards universal access of women and young people to reproductive health services, including family planning, in the context of law and human security, Mauritania is committed to strengthening the supply of family planning services by introducing new methods and family planning for postpartum women, adolescents and young marrieds in 100% of health facilities, and strengthening an integrated supply chain. Other commitments include: Having an integrated circuit SRMNIN distribution of products, including contraceptives to make them available to the last kilometer. “Do not leave anyone behind” and, strengthening the institutional framework for a favorable environment to family planning.

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Mauritania commits to increasing expenditure on health to 15% by 2015, and including a budget line on reproductive health commodities with a focus on contraceptives; to increase contraception prevalence from 9% to 15%, constructing 3 more schools of public health, increasing access to Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care in all regional and national hospitals; to increase the proportion of births assisted by skilled personnel from 61% to 75%; and increasing the proportion of health centers offering PMTCT services to 75%. Mauritania further commits to increase proportion of vaccinated children, institute in all districts a program of integrated management of childhood illnesses, and improve the management of human resources including providing incentives for staff to work in isolated areas.

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