12 August 2019

Maternity Foundation


Commitment Progress

Maternity Foundation set a goal of reaching 20,000 health care workers with the Safe Delivery App by 2018. By end of 2018 we reached more than double our call- with 49,795 health care workers downloading our App. Additionally, 85% of these health care workers are in LMICs where maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity are highest.


Commitment Progress

The Safe Delivery App – a mobile training tool for skilled birth attendants – is currently being used in around 40 countries. It was launched in 2015 after a successful clinical trial in Ethiopia (results showing that midwives’ ability to manage PPH and to resuscitate a newborn more than doubled after 6 months usage of the app). The app is free for download. The Safe Delivery App is implemented through partnerships, including with ministries of health, international organizations and NGOs.

Major milestones since the launch of the Safe Delivery App:
– the App has been downloaded more than 38.000 times.
– Maternity Foundation now has more than 20 partnerships for implementation of the App, including with the ministries of health in Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Laos and Ghana.
– the Safe Delivery App was updated to version 2.0 in 2017 based on WHO guidelines. In addition, a Learning Platform was added to ensure an individual learning experience for users.


Maternity Foundation commits to reach a minimum of 10,000 health workers with the Safe Delivery App by the end of 2017 and hereby significantly strengthen heath workers skills and knowledge in Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care.

Assuring health workers’ knowledge and skills in identifying and managing life-threatening obstetric complications is essential to reduce maternal and newborn deaths. With access to skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth an estimated 90% of the existing maternal and newborn deaths could be prevented.

Hence, by reaching 10,000 health workers with quality training we expect to ensure that 1 million women will give birth with a better skilled birth attendant.

Commitment Progress

Maternity Foundation initially pledged to reach 10,000 health workers (skilled birth attendants) by the end of 2017 with the Safe Delivery App, thereby help ensuring a safer birth for 1 million women. We have since updated this pledge to 20,000 health workers by the end of 2018, thereby help ensuring a safer birth for 2 million women. Our progress since the initial pledge has been focused primarily on developing a strong platform for impactful implementation at scale– evolving the App from stand-alone tool to an integrated program. Key achievements and milestones to this end include:

1) Creation of Version 2.0 of the Safe Delivery App – building a stronger back-end and content management system, business intelligence and adaptive learning module.

2) To make sure that the App complies with international guidelines, we have updated our guidelines in alignment with the most up to date WHO guidelines in direct collaboration with WHO.

3) Creation of local language versions and nationally adapted versions of the Safe Delivery App including: French, Burmese, South African, Oromiffa, Hindi, and Lao. We worked closely with national partners to develop these versions for their use.

4) Building our Global Learning Competency Center comprised of staff, systems, and tools that capture, distill, apply and disseminate information, knowledge and emerging results to support implementing partners to enhance the impact and scale of the Safe Delivery App and to build the case for how to scale an mHealth solution.

5) Building partnerships and supporting key multi-sector partners at national and programmatic levels in roughly 10 countries in SSA and Southern Asia.