14 July 2017

International Insurance Society


The International Insurance Society (IIS) serves as the premier global insurance forum, focusing on complex industry issues, and drawing leaders from across all re/insurance sectors, regulatory authorities and insurance scholars. As the industry’s leading impartial and inclusive platform for idea exchange, IIS is uniquely positioned to stimulate sustainable economic and social development through active participation across its broad, inclusive and diverse membership, representing nearly 100 countries. The insurance industry can play a vital role in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, serving as a catalyst to address a range of objectives including economic protection, disaster risk resiliency, and accessible health coverage, including financial risk protection.

IIS has pledged a commitment to Every Woman Every Child’s Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, supporting the ultimate objective of ensuring accessible and affordable global healthcare. The Global Strategy has identified universal health coverage as being one of the essential means by which healthcare needs can be met, with lack of coverage forcing millions into poverty, and accessible coverage going beyond circumventing poverty to stimulate economic performance in society. Our commitment will center on engaging our members active in the health sector, and leveraging our annual Global Insurance Forum in 2016 as well as the IIS Research Network, to explore how the insurance industry can collaborate with the global community in support of the Global Strategy’s target of achieving universal health coverage.

Commitment Progress

Serving as the global insurance industry’s leading impartial and inclusive platform for idea exchange, IIS was selected as the platform for the Insurance Development Forum (IDF). The IDF is a public-private partnership led by the insurance industry and supported by international organizations. The IDF aims to optimize and extend the use of insurance and its related risk management capabilities to build greater resilience and protection for vulnerable people, communities, businesses, and public institutions. The IDF has two priority working initiatives: the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) which aims to assist governments in assessing and understanding risks to develop and deploy integrated insurance solutions tailored to their unique challenges; the second is microinsurance initiative, working together with private, mutual, governmental and civil society partners to extend relevant ‘on-the-ground’ insurance solutions to an additional 100 million vulnerable people, inclusive of healthcare accessibility and affordability.