21 November 2016

Immpact, University of Aberdeen


The University of Aberdeen commits in the period up to 2018, over USD $0.5 million of institutional resources to sustain its Immpact unit dedicated to improving maternal and newborn health. Immpact will support at least 10 low-income countries to identify maternal and newborn health research priorities, to generate new evidence to improve and assure the quality of care at birth received by mothers and babies, and to utilize this evidence in policy and programme decision-making.

Immpact will work with global and bi-lateral agencies in the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission on Information and Accountability, particularly with regard to maternal and perinatal death audits and quality improvement. Immpact will spearhead an initiative (Y@U) with the Partnership for Maternal Newborn and Child Health to engage the youth constituency at universities in the global North and South in mobilising support and promoting accountability for keeping mothers and babies alive and well.