21 November 2016

Hewlett Packard

Social innovation at HP is an exciting, dynamic and targeted initiative within the company’s Global Citizenship strategy. Based on the concept of creating shared value, it connects economic progress with societal needs. Social Innovation at HP centers on the belief that the same passion, energy and culture of innovation that makes HP successful commercially can also be used to make a profound and positive social impact in the world. Through its global health initiatives, HP is collaborating with leading health authorities to reinvent processes, modernize systems, and develop solutions that dramatically expand access, improve care, and save lives. HP’s commits to continue applying the skills of its people (more than 320,000), its technology assets, and its customer and stakeholder partnerships to develop innovative solutions that address the root causes of critical global challenges such as infant HIV, maternal health, unemployment and poverty. For example, HP has partnered with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Kenya Ministry of Health on the Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) project. The goal is to leverage technology solutions to improve testing and treatment for more than 120,000 infants exposed to HIV in Kenya each year. In 2010, HP provided over US $45 million to support its Global Social Innovation efforts and commits to continue applying its human, technical, intellectual, and financial assets to develop transformative solutions and enable healthy lives, active minds and hope for millions.