20 February 2019

General Board of Global Ministries


Commitment Progress

We are excited that through our global health initiative, Abundant Health, The United Methodist Church can participate in the global effort to avert preventable deaths of women and children. Through the generous contributions of United Methodist churches, over $5.5 million has gone to support community health programs in 17 countries. With this investment, 224,306 more children now have a chance to live past their fifth birthday and thrive into adulthood. Access to lifesaving medication, preventive measures like bed nets and immunization, and community education on when to seek care means that malaria, HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, and diarrhea are no longer death sentences. Increased access to prenatal services and skilled attendants at delivery has resulted in thousands of women surviving childbirth and raising healthy children. Many of our partner communities around the world are now on track to achieve their goals for reduction in maternal and child morbidity and mortality with the confidence to provide basic health services for the first time.
Integrating water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); nutrition; food security; and livelihood support into maternal newborn and child health (MNCH) programming has been a key success factor in improving child well-being. Our commitment to reach 1 million children with lifesaving interventions by 2020 remains firm. Our focus is on increasing demand for and access to health services for the world’s poorest people, ensuring greater value for money spent on health services and careful documentation of our impact. Sustainability of our work is based on community-led action and full ownership at every stage of implementation.


In support of the Global Strategy (2016-2030), the United Methodist Church commits to reaching 1 million children with lifesaving interventions from 2016 – 2020 by supporting efforts of faith based partners in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, and Haiti. The initiative aims to achieve a 25% reduction in childhood morbidity and mortality in the targeted communities over a five-year period. By 2020, the program aims to (1) provide mothers and households with the education and support needed to make their children thrive; (2) increase access to and utilization of 13 child survival commodities in targeted communities through a community driven model; and 3) increase availability of diagnosis and treatment services for childhood killer diseases in targeted communities.

Global Ministries commits USD $10 million in medications, supplies, and commodities, in addition to volunteer hours, as well as USD $30 million to faith-based partners working in rural and underserved communities to in order to reach this commitment. The General Board of Global Ministries, the global mission agency of the United Methodist Church, connects 12.5 million members of the UMC on four continents with ministries in more than 130 countries. Together we are alleviating suffering, promoting justice, freedom, and peace.

Commitment Progress

Global Ministries is living up to its commitment to reach one million children with health interventions through its Abundant Health Initiative. In this first year of implementation, $4,010,534.61 has been awarded in grants to faith based partners, with 57,410 children and 21,408 women of reproductive age reached with preventive and treatment services in rural, hard to reach communities of 13 countries. Comprehensive, integrated package of essential interventions and services is combined with health workforce capacity building and community engagement to ensure sustainable impact.
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