21 November 2016

Female Health Company


Commitment Progress

Since the 2017 renewed commitment by the Female Health Company to provide technical programming support, training and training materials to those countries who procure the FC2 female condom free of charge, FHC has provided that support to the following countries:

Latin America: Chili / Costa Rica / Peru / Uruguay

Africa: Uganda / Kenya / Tanzania / Mozambique / Nigeria / DRC / Zimbabwe / Malawi / Ethiopia / South Africa / Malawi

Asia: Pakistan / Myanmar / Australia

2012—London Family Planning Summit

Female Health Company commits US $1.65 million in savings per year for eight years based on a bonus of 5% of 60 million current public sector volume units worldwide (US $1.13 million in savings per year for eight years, 5% of estimated 41 million units annually in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia) in “no cost” product. The distribution of the bonus product will be at the public sector’s discretion and savings will increase as the public sector volume increases. Additionally, Female Health Company will also invest US $14 million in training and education over six years.
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