21 November 2016

Edna Adan University Hospital

Since our referral hospital was opened in Hargeisa in 2002, we have cared for women with unimaginable obstetrical complications. The maternal mortality rate (MMR) among women admitted to our hospital is now 390/100,000, or 25% of the national average, estimated at 1,600/100,000. The Global Strategy has given the Edna Adan University Hospital an additional incentive to work even harder towards further improving the health of our women and children. The initial reduction of 75% of the MMR of women treated in our hospital was brought about by training more midwives and having a 24/hour readiness to deal with emergencies. We believe a MMR of 150/100,000 is achievable and have set ourselves this goal. Having pioneered the training of nurses and midwives in the region, we are also even more committed to further improving and accelerating our Midwifery Training programmes. We will continue to monitor, supervise and guide our past graduates while training 1,000 Public Health Midwives during the coming six years.