21 November 2016


2014 Every Newborn Action Plan

e-KSS’ Amazon Indigenous Telehealth (e-AIT) Program is a pioneering telehealth project that commits, within a 5-year time frame (2013 – 2017), to conduct research, provide technical assistance, education, training, and direct services and/or products to empower the people, thereby ensuring sustainability in the health outcomes of indigenous women and children in the Amazon rainforest. The e-AIT program addresses: (1) high maternal and infant mortality rates in the region comparable to the highest global rates; (2) inefficient healthcare management; (3) lack of qualified personnel to reach geographically remote communities; (4) lack of culturally appropriate clinical services; (5) guidelines for health education and training at a distance, access to healthcare services, and training on midwifery; (6) health surveys and data collection; (7) telehealth evaluation; and (8) administrative and operational models for birthing centers.

Anticipated outcomes include, for the first time ever, the creation of health profiles of mothers, newborns, and children; the heightened capability for tele-diagnostic and tele-triage procedures for improved skilled services at the point of care; creation of a profile of Midwives available to support MIC initiatives under culturally appropriate programs; and the development and implementation of culturally adapted health information management systems and network-based research procedures.

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