21 November 2016

Dow Corning

Dow Corning will provide US $5 million in unrestricted support over five years to the United Nations-led Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Providing global leadership and grassroots assistance where possible, Dow Corning commits technical, human and financial resources to making a difference in solving one of the world’s leading environmental, health and social problems – traditional cook stoves and open fires that serve as the primary means of cooking and heating for nearly three billion people in the developing world. Additionally, Dow Corning will integrate employee participation into this transformational effort through its Dow Corning Citizen Service Corps. In this way, Dow Corning scientists, engineers and business professionals will work with Alliance partners and in the field on specific projects designed to facilitate adoption of cleaner cooking technology; educate women regarding the benefits of using clean cookstoves; and facilitate development of a viable global cookstove industry. Smoke from traditional cookstoves kills nearly two million people annually, with women and young children most at risk from acute and chronic diseases such as pneumonia, heart and lung disease, COPD, accidents and the dangers to personal safety associated with fuel gathering for the family fire.