21 November 2016

Design That Matters


Design that Matters commits to delivering 3 products by 2020. Following the success of our Firefly newborn phototherapy device which has now treated over 20,000 newborns in 18 countries, DtM is launching a new suite of products. These products are adjacent innovations to Firefly, and will exponentially scale Firefly’s impact. Together they comprise a family of products targeting some of the biggest needs in global health needs for newborns.

  • Pelican is a diagnostic tool for newborns with pneumonia, the leading cause of death among children under five.
  • Otter is a warming bassinet that is compatible with Firefly and standard overhead phototherapy. Otter provides critical warming for hypothermic premature and lowbirth-weight babies.
  • Echo is a remote monitoring and evaluation device for donated medical equipment in resource-poor settings. Echo is a response to the WHO’s statistic that up to 80% of donated medical devices in the developing world are never even turned on.

With each individual DtM product, our goal is to identify opportunities where roughly $1M in research and development funding is sufficient to manufacture roughly 1,000 units of a product that will ultimately treat at least 500,000 people.