27 September 2017

DEKAI Partners and One Family People


DEKAI Partners and One Family People commit to supporting Every Woman Every Child by impacting the lives of one thousand women and children in Sierra Leone from 2018-2020. Through their economic empowerment program, This Ability Salone, will lay the groundwork for functional socioeconomic inclusion and greater access to healthcare, nutrition products and wellness services, and building an increased awareness of standards for better quality of life for more women artisans, seamstresses, farmers and their children in Sierra Leone. With this commitment, their goal is to administer an educational foundation which women can retain and re-teach within their communities.

The commitment is valued at USD 1,200,000 (45% is in-kind, including training and education, products, healthcare services, community engagement). The commitment aims to reach 500 women of reproductive age, 250 adolescents and 250 children under 5 in Sierra Leone.