12 August 2019

CHI Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Commitment Progress

Chi Pharmaceuticals Ltd will continue to make available quality essential medicines for intervention in maternal and child healthcare as well as medicines for combating opportunistic infections in HIV patients and ACTs for Malaria treatment. In addition, we commit to continue providing supplements that will help to satisfy micro-nutrients to malnourished children


CHI Pharmaceuticals Ltd will continue to partner with the United Nations, the World Health Organization and advocacy related organizations intervening in the healthcare sector. CHI activities include access creation to essential medicines and products including manufacturing and distribution of insecticide treated nets, participation in the AmFm anti-malaria project, production of vaccines to prevent cervical cancer, and the building of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant that has secured World Health Organization-Good Manufacturing Practice and U.S. Pharmocopeial ConventionP-Good Manufacturing Practice certification.

CHI Pharmaceuticals Ltd commits to provide quality essential medicines including: Low Osmolarity Oral Rehydration Salts; Dispersible Paediatric Zinc Sulphate Tabs; Dispersible Co-trimoxazole Tabs d. Dispersible ACT’s and to generate marketing and distribution data in all areas of coverage. CHI has built its manufacturing capacity to be able to produce 1 billion tablets/year, thus ensuring local production of essential pharmaceutical products. CHI commits to collaborating closely with diverse stakeholders and NGOs to promote access for essential medicines.


Every year, approximately 100,000 children in Nigeria die needlessly from diarrhea, the 2nd leading cause of child deaths globally which can be easily prevented with simple treatment, zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS). CHI commits to manufacturing affordable, high-quality zinc sulphate and ORS in its WHO GMP-certified facility. Products will be further subsidized for families unable to afford them and prices will be reviewed as volumes increase to ensure ongoing availability.

Promotional and marketing efforts will include developing marketing strategies to commercialize the products and investing 5% of its product gross margin for both above and below-the-line marketing activities including distribution. Additionally, CHI will use its medical sales representatives and recruit additional resources to detail, educate, and train other primarily health care-level health workers including pharmacists, nurses and private patent medical vendors (PPMVs). An evidence-based mechanism of distribution will be developed to enable easy access throughout all target communities. CHI commits to maintaining zinc and ORS as part of its overall business portfolio to ensure a sustained supply of the life-saving products.

This historic commitment is part of the Coalition for Childhood Essential Medicines in Nigeria launched in October 2012 in support of the Every Woman Every Child movement.  

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