21 July 2017


2017 – London Family Planning Summit

Chad’s objectives are to: increase mCPR from 5% to 8% by 2020; reach 115,000 additional users between 2017 and 2020, and additional users among adolescents and youth; and accelerate the operationalization of the National Health Development Plan 2017-2020 and the 5-yearly Development Plan 2016-2021. Chad is developing a new national framework for advocacy and resource mobilization for demographic dividend (which focus on the right to FP access for adolescents and youth), and strategies to incorporate rights for RH needs for all, including adolescents and youth (early pregnancies and marriages). Chad will mobilize a budget line (procurement, storage and distribution) and efficient supply chain management delivery policy/strategies will be introduced to remove socio-cultural barriers and increase demand and use of RH services. The country will establish FP approaches, based on rights: training health staff; wide method mix with free informed choice; mobilizing the community around FP, and including religious and traditional leaders in the promotion and demand creation for FP. This will increase access to info and services for RH/FP to youth and adolescents (community activities, IT and communications), and invest in comprehensive sexual education for youth. Other objectives include the availability and accessibility to quality RH/FP products at all levels and strengthening the data collection and analysis system.

This is a commitment to FP2020 in support of Every Woman Every Child (EWEC), which builds on to their existing EWEC commitment made in 2015. More information on the commitment can be found in their letter here.


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Chad has made several measurable commitments to Every Woman Every Child‘s cause, some of which include: increasing pediatric HIV coverage from 9% to 80%, inreasing health sector spending to 15%, and strengthening human resources for health by training 50 midwives a year for 4 years.

Chad commits to increase health sector spending to 15%; provide free emergency care for women and children; provide free HIV testing and ARVs; allocate of US$10million per year for implementation of the national roadmap for accelerating reduction in MNC mortality; strengthen human resources for health by training 40 midwives a year for the next 4 years, including creating a school of midwifery and constructing a national referral hospital for women and children with 250 beds; and deploying health workers at health centres to ensure delivery of a minimum package of services. Chad also commits to pass a national human resources for health policy; increase contraception prevalence to 15%; ensure 50% of the births are assisted by a skilled birth attendant; and increase coverage of PMTCT from 7% to 80%, and pediatric HIV coverage from 9% to 80%.

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