12 July 2017

Centre For Public Health, Nigeria


In support of the Global Strategy (2016-2030), the Centre For Public Health commits $3 million through September 2018 towards eliminating the financial and geographical barrier toward accessing quality healthcare, through a community based social Health Insurance program. The objective is to facilitate the registration of 1 million people into the community Based Social Health Insurance in Abia and Imo State of Nigeria, within the next 2 years.

This will also be combined with the upgrading of 500 primary health centers in the rural areas and training of 1000 health workers.

Commitment Progress

We have reached out to about 42,000 comprised of adolescents, children under-5, women of reproductive age, new born, and men, though this is below out targeted population of 300,000 in our first year of operation. We have registered about 10 communities and another 23 communities are in the process of completing their registration for the Community Based Social Health Insurance Program (CBSHIP). The program has built their first hospital, Pink Rose Hospital, which is currently operating and we plan to raise additional funds to install mammograms to provide breast cancer screening. 10 health centers have been refurbished and fully functional at the community level , with medical doctors and skilled health workers attending to patients. The health workers in these health centers have been retrained on modern clinical skills. This program is ongoing in Abia state, south east Nigeria, and operations in the state of Imo are expected to commence soon.