21 November 2016

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB)

Through their signature CHAMPS initiative—Children And Mothers Partnerships—CMMB will develop long-term partnerships with disadvantaged communities in Haiti, Kenya, Peru, South Sudan and Zambia.  CHAMPS is a phased program that provides integrated health services including clinic- and community-based interventions to improve the health and well-being of mothers and children.  The goal of CHAMPS is to create an enabling environment for a healthy, productive community where health needs are equitably met through a local health system, anchored in a strong community-based health facility.

CHAMPS programs, designed in tandem with local communities in each target country, increase the number of women giving birth with skilled attendance, improve newborn care, stimulate the adoption of healthy behaviors, increase access to quality health services and medicines and attack underlying causes of illness by promoting good nutrition and safe drinking water.

By 2020, CMMB will have invested an estimated $USD 22 million in cash, $168,000 in volunteer time and US$ 33 million worth of in-kind medicines and health products, and will have improved the lives of at least 2.5 million people, including approximately 1.3 million women of childbearing ages and children 0-5.