02 August 2017

CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institution

2017 – London Family Planning Summit

CARD-MRI, the largest micro-finance institution in the Philippines commits to use its extensive micro-finance network to reach at least 4 million women with reproductive health and family planning information and services by 2020, a commitment valued at $2.1 million USD to FP2020 and Every Woman Every Child. Under this campaign, CARD MRI female-members will receive weekly 15-minute learning sessions on modern family planning methods, during an eight-week module. In addition to the provision of reproductive health information, CARD-MRI is also committed to providing general medical services, wellness check-ups, dental services and family planning counselling and services, leveraging its own chain of pharmacies to supply medicines and contraceptives including pills and condoms to its clients at discounted prices.

CARD – MRI, together with UNFPA, will train all its doctors and nurses on modern family planning services, and deploy 17 nurses around the country to provide family planning services, including contraceptive implants. Finally, CARD-MRI will partner with 18 other micro-finance institutions in the Philippines to conduct Community Health Days, where free health and dental check-ups are provided to millions of women and their families throughout the Philippines.