21 November 2016



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2014- Every Newborn Action Plan 

Bolivia commits to the comprehensive implementation of its health policy SAFCI: Salud Familiar Comunitaria e Intercultural or Family Health at the Community and Intercultural Levels. SAFCI will be used as a general framework for the implementation and application of specific strategies and policies aimed at different vulnerable populations and age groups. The goals of the policy include: strengthened primary health care; full participation and empowerment of the community in health-related issues; and reduced morbidity and mortality for women and children. Through implementation of the SAFCI policy, political mobilization activities, particularly among grassroots social organizations, including youth-led organizations, will take place. Political mobilization efforts will promote not only the health of mothers and newborns, but also the entire family and community, and therefore, society as a whole. Bolivia will also implement the program Mi Salud or My Health, which includes physicians trained in assistance and social medicine, to not only treat the sick and help with their rehabilitation, but also provide health-related education.

The policies, plans, and strategies will be progressively implemented throughout the national territory through technical assistance that allows health workers to put into effect all of the guidelines, standards, plans, and policies. Implementation will be completed within five years and is complemented by a monitoring and evaluation plan intended to test the functionality and proper implementation of the policies.
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