21 July 2017


2017 – London Family Planning Summit

Benin is committed to implementing all the commitments made to FP2020 in support of Every Woman Every Child since 2013, and even go beyond. Their commitment on free FP services will be revitalized to extend to the entire population including adolescents and youth.

For more information on Benin’s commitments to FP2020, please visit the Benin Country Page


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Benin will increase the national budget dedicated to health to 10% by 2015 with a particular focus on women, children, adolescents and HIV; introduce a policy to ensure universal free access to emergency obstetric care; ensure access to the full package of reproductive health interventions by 2018; and increase the use of contraception from 6.2% to 15%. Benin will also step up efforts to address HIV/AIDS through providing ARVs to 90% of HIV+ pregnant women; ensuring that 90% of health centres offer PMTCT services; and enacting measures against stigma and discrimination. Benin will develop new policies on adolescent sexual health; pass a law against the trafficking of children, and implement new legislation on gender equality.

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