20 February 2019

Bayer and White Ribbon Alliance


Commitment Progress

Our joint aspirations have kept us focused on the commitment by defining and articulating maternal, newborn, child health self-care while strengthening global and national leadership and addressing individual knowledge gaps. While the initial commitment was made in 2015, community implementation project activities launched in 2017 focused on multiple countries at a national and subnational level.  Community implementation projects were successfully launched in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Bolivia.  Each of these projects, focused on policy development and sustainable impact. The commitment has spanned from September 2015 until December 2017 and is valued at $1.5 million. In Indonesia, a base line analysis and briefing paper were produced, as part of the initial steps of an implementation project to begin in 2018.


Bayer and White Ribbon Alliance commit to the prevention of maternal, newborn and child death through the application of self-care policy advancement and self-care community level intervention programs in the areas of nutrition, hygiene, preventative care and minor treatments. This commitment in support of the Global Strategy (2016-2030) will: (1) Promote improved maternal, newborn and child health through improved policies on self-care and self-care’s role in community health over a three year period; (2) Implement 3 community based self-care intervention programs in the area of nutrition, prevention and minor treatments, and hygiene over 18 months; and (3) Contribute to learning and expanded partnerships in self-care over a three year period.

Our aspiration is to focus on the efforts of this commitment to raising awareness of self-care by strengthening leadership and knowledge gaps. This initial commitment will be focused on multiple countries and at the subnational level — 3 separate communities in separate countries – with a focus on policy development at the global level. The commitment will span from September 2015 until December 2017, and is valued at $1.5 million.

Commitment Progress

To date, White Ribbon Alliance – with the support of Bayer’s funding- has launched three self-care community implementation projects, and is developing a fourth project in Latin America. This would mean both organizations have implemented beyond the original commitment numbers.

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