12 August 2019

Banka BioLoo


Commitment Progress

As every year, Banka BioLoo continues to provide sanitation facilities for women and children. One of the prominent ways is through bioloos installed in schools that don’t have toilet facilities.

In 2018, we installed 800 bioloos in 100 schools, impacting over 40000 students, half of who are girls. They now have access to sanitation and hygiene.


Commitment Progress

Banka BioLoo has made good progress on its EWEC commitment. In 2017, the company installed 1500 bioloos in schools, positively impacting 56,250 girl students. They received access to hygienic sanitation systems – helping in continued school attendance and reduced dropouts.



The shortage of sanitation facilities in India is a major concern. Over 600 million people, half of India’s population, do not have access to adequate sanitation, which results in increased health hazards, environmental concerns, and water contamination. Women and girls in rural and peri-urban areas are the most affected by lack of sanitation.

Banka BioLoo commits $10 million to providing accessible, affordable and sustainable sanitation solutions to 200,000 women and girls in homes across India, and to reaching 3,000 Indian schools by 2020 in order to provide access to adequate sanitation for 120,000 girls from low-income families. This commitment demonstrates dedication to sustainable sanitation solutions.

Bioloos have multiple benefits: they treat human waste onsite, eliminating the need for external sewage infrastructure, and improve the health of the user. Bioloos enable girls to complete their education, who often drop-out of school due to lack of adequate sanitation and hygiene in schools. Banka BioLoo is partnering with large companies to provide bioloos for schoolgirls through corporate social initiatives. Additionally, Bioloos provide women with a strong sense of security as well as dignity, which are at stake due to absence of toilets.

Commitment Progress

We spread to newer geographies – provided bioloos in more states of India. Today, we have installations in 20 states of the country. Till now, we mainly deployed bioloos in schools, worksites and in trains. Recently – around end 2016 and early 2017 – we started installing bioloos in homes. Since bioloos are costlier than conventional pit-toilets, many households have an affordability issue. We have been working with organizations and companies (through CSR programs) trying to provide support to the economically backward sections of the society. We have installed bioloos in rural and remote areas – schools as well as houses, bringing sanitation within the reach of the girl students and women members of the family.