21 November 2016

Akaa Project, Inc

The Akaa Project, Inc, active in the community of Akaa in the Yilo Kobo district of the Eastern region of Ghana, commits that by 2015, an international collaborative model for improving maternal, infant and child morbidity and mortality will be in place, with preventative efforts and improved health care delivery aimed toward reducing illness, preventing malnutrition and stunted growth. Teaching will reinforce health care protocols by the World Health Organization. The community will soon be drilling of a bore hole to minimize parasitic infection, reducing malnutrition and a host of other illnesses. Families within Akaa and its greater community will have access to high quality health care services by qualified health care providers or by capable health care workers trained to provide excellent care. High level midwifery skills will be available for prenatal care and to avert preventable complications. This model will require the active involvement of academic and health care institutions globally. Clinical experiences and mentorships will offer students experience in meeting the health care needs of mothers, infants and children. Efforts will be made to offer adolescent females academic and job opportunities to prevent risky lifestyles. Since this area is challenged by HIV infection, major efforts will be made toward preventing transmission, alleviating stigma, developing widespread screening and offering anti-retrovirals to forestall disease and enhance wellbeing. Also, by 2015, the majority of sexually active community members will have access to barrier methods of contraception. Funding sources for the above outcomes will be thoroughly explored.