21 November 2016

AIDS LIFE / Life Ball

AIDS LIFE, an Austrian independent non-profit organization, was founded in 1992 with the aim to raise funds for the much needed support of people who are HIV positive or living with AIDS. The annual Life Ball, one of the top European-based private HIV/AIDS funders, is the organization’s main source of income. With the proceeds of the annual Life Ball, its side events and other activities, AIDS LIFE supports HIV and AIDS projects of selected partner organizations in Austria as well as in the most affected countries and regions all over the world.

Convinced that only a globally coordinated strategy will give us the opportunity to improve the health of women and children, and generate a change in the AIDS epidemic, AIDS LIFE commits to advance the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health through its platforms. In this regard, the AIDS Solidarity Gala within the Life Ball 2013 will be focusing on the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and on ensuring the well-being of mothers and children living with HIV and AIDS.

In 2012, AIDS LIFE committed almost USD 1.9 Million towards projects supporting women and children affected by HIV and AIDS. The projects are implemented by various partner organizations of AIDS LIFE/Life Ball, such as CHAI – The Clinton Health Access Initiative, amfAR – The Foundation for AIDS Research, Arms Around the Child, New Hope for Cambodian Children and UNODC. Each project focuses on a different side of the problem of women and children affected by HIV and AIDS, such as preventing mother-to-child transmission of the HI virus, care and treatment of AIDS orphans, gender-sensitive care for vulnerable women, advocacy for HIV positive children and care for sexually abused children.

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