21 November 2016


2012—London Family Planning Summit 

ActionAid commits to promoting a transformative understanding of the sexual and reproductive health of women as central to development and poverty reduction. ActionAid will promote a discourse that reflects the importance of women’s sexual health, sexuality and control over their bodies, to eradicating violence against women and women’s social, economic and political exclusion. With the goal of fulfilling its commitments by 2017, ActionAid pledges to organize women and girls in rural areas to challenge and reject gender-based violence that denies them control over their bodies; secure improvements in the quality, equity and gender responsiveness of public services, including reproductive health services; support women to build and advocate gender-responsive economic alternatives at all levels; convince governments and influential agencies that violence against women is a pivotal barrier to gender equality; and convince governments to enact policies, programs and legislative frameworks to guarantee women full enjoyment of their rights, including the right to sexual and reproductive health.