27 June 2016

New grant will support services for girls to fight HIV in emergencies

In emergency settings, girls are particularly vulnerable to violence, rape and lack of privacy, often forego education and have limited access to health services. The EmGEmS Challenge Prize is seeking innovations that can help girls meet their sexual and reproductive health and rights while leveraging their own agency and enabling them to gain confidence, learn and be empowered.

The Challenge will award a prize of $100,000 to a programme that supports adolescent girls in being empowered and educated when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health needs and rights by building self esteem and confidence through technological, service or activity-based innovations.

The Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016-2030) has recognized the urgent health needs of populations in emergency settings, and of fostering a focused strategy for adolescents. “Through this prize we hope to bring attention to the specific needs of adolescent girls in emergency settings, who suffer indescribable risks on physical, mental and emotional levels,”  said Natalie Africa, Senior Director for Private Sector Engagement.
Community Challenges is the newest component of the Positive Action programmes launched in late 2015. It aims to work with and support global partners and community-based organisations, to bring innovative thinking and problem solving to specific hard to tackle challenges in international development. 

“Through the provision of the Positive Action Community Challenges we are committed to accelerating the scale and impact of community-led interventions to address specific bottlenecks that remain in the fight against HIV which include improving sexual and reproductive health for young women,” explained Dominique Kemps, Director Positive Action for Girls and Women, ViiV Healthcare.  

Positive Action was created in 1992 as the first pharmaceutical company programme to support communities affected by HIV and AIDS. Positive Action programmes are currently supporting over 350 partners working in local communities globally on HIV prevention and initiatives supporting access to care.

For submissions, please visit:  https://positiveactionchallenges.com/