18 September 2016

Celebrating Every Woman Every Child

EWEC partners will emphasize the main messages deriving from the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, launched in 2015 along the Sustainable Development Goals as a front-runner platform to help implement Agenda 2030.

From 18-22 September, a social media relay will cover topics of relevance for the movement, to ensure that key issues highlighted in the Global Strategy are not only visible, but also help set the agenda and drive the conversation forward about its centrality for a more sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future for all.

For resources and to learn how to participate please access this 
communications toolkit

You can check out which partners are participating in the relay at this link

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Themes for the week include:

18 Sep

The importance of accountability and country-level implementation to achieve the Global Strategy and the SDGs

19 Sep

Bridging humanitarian work into sustainable development efforts: women, children and adolescents as first responders and agents of change

20 Sep

Survive: Promoting health to save lives. The importance of ending preventable maternal, newborn, child and adolescent deaths by 2030.

21 Sep

Thrive: ensuring that women, children and adolescents not only survive, but thrive and achieve their potential to help transform the world

22 Sep

Transform: The power of partnershipsworking across sectors to improve health and wellbeing and harnessing the power of partnerships.

*ALL PARTNERS are invited to participate in social media activities throughout the week and join the conversation online.*

For more information, access: http://www.ewechub.org/

Photo on home page: © UNICEF/UNI155410/Dar Al Mussawir