07 September 2014

Business Impact Stories and Resources


The following business impact stories represent a snap shot of activities and results achieved by some of the Every Woman Every Child private sector commitment makers.

Please feel free to use and share these case studies as a demonstration of how the business sector, in partnership with other stakeholders, is helping to advance the health of women, children and adolescents.



Report on Every Woman Every Child Private Sector Engagement Activities 2015 [Report]

Every Woman Every Child Private Sector Learning Session: Business Approaches to Advancing Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health [Report]

Recent Publications Exploring the Role of Business in Achieving Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health

Business and the Health MDGs in India: Closing the Gaps: A publication authored by GBCHealth exploring the role of the private sector in India in delivering on the Health MDGs

The Ultimate Investment in the Future: Profiles of Corporate Engagement in the Health and Development of Newborns: A first of its kind inventory of 48 corporations that are investing in the health and development of newborn babies. Co-authored by the MDG Health Alliance and GBCHealth.

Improving Maternal Health and Access to Contraceptives: Pharmaceutical companies’ Contribution to MDG5: By the Access to Medicines Index Foundation, this report analyses and ranks the contribution of major pharmaceutical companies in reducing maternal mortality and expanding access to contraceptives

Breastfeeding in Urban Africa: A unique report authored by Philips, in support of its EWEC commitment, which explores breastfeeding practices amongst women in urban Kenya and Ghana

Business and the United Nations Report: A report by The Sustainable Development Goals Fund, with Business Fights Poverty and Harvard University, that rethinks UN engagement with business in the 2030 agenda

10 Immediate Ways Private Industry Can Tackle the New Global Goals: An article by Leith Greenslade, Founder of JustActions and former Vice-Chair at MDG Health Alliance, on ways companies can advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development