04 February 2016

A film screening and panel discussion on how to end cervical cancer

Each year, the international community marks World Cancer Day to raise awareness about the issue and promote ways to ease its global burden. This year, the Every Woman Every Child movement is joining forces to shed light on cervical cancer, a condition that severely affects women’s health, killing and devastating the lives of thousands worldwide.

Together with global health advocates and following a special screening of the movie Lady Ganga, Every Woman Every Child partners and experts will lead a panel to discuss how the international community can help end cervical cancer— an almost always preventable disease, mainly caused by viral infections, the leading cause of cancer deaths in low- and middle-income countries. Moreover, as cervical cancer is a significant risk factor for acquiring HIV and vice versa, the prevention and control of cervical cancer is closely linked to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Since the Secretary-General launched the Every Woman Every Child movement in 2010, there has been unprecedented progress in reducing maternal and child mortality worldwide. However, despite advances, women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health remains a priority. As the world transitions to a new development era, there is renewed commitment to accelerating the progress made to date and addressing emerging needs, including the global response to cervical cancer, contingent upon access to quality preventative healthcare and life-saving medicines and vaccines. 

The event, hosted by Every Woman Every Child and partners, will be a defining moment to help eliminate cervical cancer worldwide. It will take place in the evening on February 4, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Missed the event? Watch the webcaste here on UN Web TV.

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