If you knew how to save the 18,000 children who die every day, would you do it?

In 2000, the global community made a promise to children — to reduce by two thirds the risk that a child will not live to see his or her fifth birthday. The deadline for this promise is 2015. This is the reason for Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed, a global effort to end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths by galvanizing country-led action and advocacy. The first job is to keep the promise, known as Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 4. The second mission is to keep moving forward until no child dies of causes that are easily preventable.

The Call to Action

In June 2012, the Governments of Ethiopia, India and the United States called on the global community to stop mothers and children from dying of preventable causes.

The response was loud and clear.

Under the banner of A Promise Renewed, over 178 governments signed a pledge, committing to do everything possible to accelerate declines in preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths. Over 600 civil society and private sector organizations pledged support. This work directly advances the UN Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health and the subsequent Every Woman Every Child movement.

The Good News: The world is making progress, having saved nearly 90 million lives over the past two decades.

The Bad News: The progress isn’t fast enough. At the current pace, the world won’t meet MDG 4 until 2028. And 35 million more children could die – children whose lives could have been saved had we kept our promise in 2015. 

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The Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed

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