06 November 2017

COP 23

6 -17 November | Bonn, Germany

The Earth’s climate is changing at a rate that has exceeded most scientific forecasts. Some families and communities have already started to suffer from disasters and the consequences of climate change, forced to leave their homes in search of a new beginning.  The stress of migration takes a toll on their bodies, which can lead to illness. Those living in these poor communities are at the highest risk of pneumonia, which is the world’s leading infectious killer of children under the age of 5. The 23rd Climate Change Conference will address these issues as well as goals to eradicate them.

This Conference during COP23 will be taking place in Bonn, Germany under the campaign titled, Natürlich Bonn (Naturally Bonn).  The campaign will provide information on the conference to the citizens of Bonn.  The conference will be organized by Fiji, a small Pacific island State particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change like rising ocean levels and extreme weather phenomena.  During the Conference, delegates from 197 countries will negotiate the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The event will take place in temporary buildings complementing the existing World Conference Center Bonn.

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