Commitments to Every Woman Every Child

More Money for Health, More Health for the Money

big smileThe Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health, developed by a wide range of stakeholders, sets out how we can work together to improve the health of women and children and accelerate progress. It calls for a bold, coordinated effort, building on what has been achieved so far - locally, nationally, regionally and globally. It calls for all partners to unite and take action – through enhanced financing, strengthened policy and improved service delivery.

All partners have an important role to play: governments and policymakers, donor countries and philanthropic institutions, the United Nations and other multilateral organizations, civil society, the business community, health workers and their professional associations, and academic and research institutions.

Since the launch of Every Woman Every Child, many partners have come forward with ambitious pledges to do more for women's and children's health. This summary of commitments sets out how partners will contribute to achieving better health for women and children around the world, contributing to some of Every Woman Every Child's key outcomes. These include saving 16 million lives by 2015, preventing 33 million unwanted pregnancies, protecting 120 millions of children from pneumonia and 88 million children from stunting, advancing the control of deadly diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and ensuring access for women and children to quality facilities and skilled health workers.

Together, our pledges will ensure more health for the money, through better and more focused use of all available resources. They also represent more money for health. Every Woman Every Child represents a major step towards filling the gap between the investment needed and what is currently provided for women's and children's health – with an estimated US$40 billion in funding already committed over the next five years. This funding will be measured and tracked to ensure accountability for commitments, actions and results. That this comes from such a wide range of actors is particularly significant. 

To date, 203 partners have made 217 commitments to the Every Woman Every Child effort since it was launched in September 2010. Click here to view all commitments as of February 23, 2012. Click here to view a breakdown of the commitments by year and stakeholder group. View the list of commitments announced in 2011 here. View the list of commitments announced in 2010 here