21 November 2016

Institute for Global Health of Barcelona

Institute for Global Health of Barcelona, ISGlobal commits to engage in an inclusive and participatory process, advocate for this process and help develop and promote a multi-disciplinary and coordinated global research agenda in the context of the Global Strategy in Europe and internationally that can be actionable by donors and the academic community. This work will help to develop a common strategy for indicators and benchmarks for donors and governments to monitor progress, develop a common strategy to inform and allocate resources more effectively and equitably, promote research in political & economic areas and its translation into useful information for discussion with policy makers to develop tools that are specific to improve women’s and children’s health status, such as microbicides and vaccines and test if these products can benefit those that need them the most. CRESIB and ISGlobal hosted the 2011 biannual meeting of Federation of the European Societies for Tropical Medicine and International Health (FESTMIH) under the motto ‘Global Change, Migration and Health’ IS Global used this event and other forums to promote Women’s and Children’s health among academia and researchers.

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