21 November 2016

IKEA Foundation


The IKEA Foundation is joining forces with CHAI with a grant of just under Euro 20million to save nearly 74,000 children’s lives by the end of 2016, by ensuring that the majority of all children suffering diarrhea in Kenya, and Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in India, are receiving the right treatment. IKEA Foundation also further supports CHAI with a grant of Euro 9.7million, dedicated to the improvement of the health and nutrition status of 1.2 million underweight children, 6.7 million adolescent girls and 2 million pregnant and breastfeeding women. By improving the quality and availability of iron and folic acid, and food supplements for children, CHAI will save 35,400 children’s lives and reduce the rate of anaemia among the target group.

In addition, the IKEA Foundation is also supporting UNICEF in India with a grant of over Euro 39 million over five years to reduce mortality, morbidity and malnutrition rates among children under two years of age and their mothers, with a focus on the 1000 days from conception to infancy to early childhood. The holistic program aims at supporting delivery of quality health, nutrition and WASH services among others. 5.1 million children (0-2 years) and 5.6 million women (mothers) will benefit from this initiative across 13 states in India.
Also in India, the IKEA Foundation is supporting Breakthrough with a Euro 4.8million grant over 5 years to make sure adolescent girls and boys in Uttar Pradesh in India are aware of their rights, so that the age of marriage can go up and communities become safer places for women and girls. By working with schools, community and local leaders, and with the help of the media, Breakthrough will help 400,000 adolescent girls and boys understand their rights to equal healthcare and education.


The IKEA Foundation will invest $25 million to fight the second leading cause of death for children under 5—diarrhea. This is the single largest investment from the private sector targeted to diarrhea, which kills 800,000 children under 5 every year.  These deaths can be easily prevented with simple treatment, zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS). The IKEA Foundation is joining forces with CHAI to save nearly 40,000 children’s lives by 2015, by ensuring that the majority of all children suffering diarrhea in both Kenya and two of the poorest states in India—Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh—are receiving the right treatment. The IKEA Foundation is supporting CHAI with a four-year commitment of USD $25 million to increase children’s access to life-saving medicines. CHAI will partner with governments to drive an ambitious, large-scale approach that builds demand for zinc and ORS, and also ensures widespread availability of quality products in public and private health facilities and retail outlets. To create demand, CHAI will pursue a commercial approach that educates moms on the right treatment for their child’s diarrhea and ensures that health workers fully understand the benefits of zinc and ORS over alternatives. CHAI will also encourage manufacturers to develop more child-friendly formulations than currently exists in low-income markets.  IKEA’s historic commitment is part of the India Public-Private Partnership to End Child Diarrheal Deaths launched by the UN Secretary-General in April 2012 in support of the Every Woman Every Child movement.
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