21 November 2016

Global Respectful Maternity Care Council (GRMCC)


The Global Respectful Maternity Care Council (GRMCC) is multisectoral group of 22 organizations, representing over 200 members from around the world including researchers, clinicians, advocates, professional associations, UN agencies and donors dedicated to identifying, implementing and advocating for strategies to promote respectful maternity care and tackle the problem of disrespect and abuse during childbirth in order to improve the quality of reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care.

Over next five years, the GRMCC commits to advocating to build policy support for, investment in, and implementation of participatory accountability mechanisms to ensure that women’s rights to respectful maternity care are respected, protected, and fulfilled. We will also contribute to a robust body of evidence around best and scalable practices that effectively improve respectful maternity care, and to support adaptation of these practices by maternal and child health implementers and public health systems globally. Our work will include identifying gaps in knowledge related to respectful maternity care interventions; developing a framework for the organization and collection of respectful maternity care intervention evidence; developing a review that synthesizes the nature, location and success of various interventions to address disrespect and abuse across settings; and fostering sharing of evidence and promising approaches among researchers, implementers, advocates and policy-makers.
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